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The VidCommons Project (Peertube)

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......@@ -125,6 +125,21 @@ Explications sur quelques points de la structure XML
<desc>Regroupement de vidéastes culturels.</desc>
<emission media="video" id="colVidCommonsDocs" creation="">
<title>The VidCommons Project – Documentaries</title>
<producedBy>The VidCommons Project</producedBy>
<url type="pt" instance="" id="8" />
<desc cited="yes">
The VidCommons Project is an initiative to collect, curate, and
distribute content released under permissive licenses, and distribute
said media across the fediverse using PeerTube's peer-to-peer media
streaming architecture. This includes films, television shows, skits,
documentaries, and more.
<emission media="video" id="colHeadBang" creation="1436824800">
<title>Head Bang</title>
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