Commit d5038b8c authored by benjaminpillot's avatar benjaminpillot
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Fix nb_processes and chunksize to 1 (for masking, multiprocessing is useless)

parent aba5632e
......@@ -173,8 +173,7 @@ class RasterBase:
def mask(self, mask, gdal_driver=gdal.GetDriverByName("Gtiff"),
all_touched=True, no_data=-999, window_size=100,
nb_processes=mp.cpu_count(), chunksize=MP_CHUNK_SIZE):
all_touched=True, no_data=-999, window_size=500):
""" Apply mask to raster
......@@ -192,18 +191,13 @@ class RasterBase:
output no data value in masked raster
window_size: int or list[int, int]
Size of window for raster calculation
nb_processes: int
Number of processes for multiprocessing
chunksize: int
chunk size used in imap multiprocessing function
return _raster_mask(self, mask, gdal_driver, data_type,
no_data, all_touched, window_size,
nb_processes, chunksize)
no_data, all_touched, window_size)
def merge(cls, rasters, bounds=None, output_format="Gtiff",
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