Commit b13651a1 authored by benjaminpillot's avatar benjaminpillot
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Fix bug due to unavailable dataset creation for some gdal drivers

parent 6177d42b
......@@ -16,11 +16,20 @@ except ImportError:
import gdal
def driver_authorizes_creation(gdal_driver):
return True if 'DCAP_CREATE' in gdal_driver.GetMetadata().keys() else False
def _return_raster(function):
def return_raster(raster, *args, **kwargs):
with RasterTempFile(raster._gdal_driver.GetMetadata()['DMD_EXTENSION']) as out_file:
if driver_authorizes_creation(raster._gdal_driver):
gdal_driver = raster._gdal_driver
with RasterTempFile(gdal_driver.GetMetadata()['DMD_EXTENSION']) as out_file:
function(raster, out_file.path, *args, **kwargs)
new_raster = raster.__class__(out_file.path)
except AttributeError:
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