Commit 92a1372c authored by G.Tjebbes's avatar G.Tjebbes

Inclusion des ods lors d'une install en production

parent aba8ce22
include *.txt *.ini *.cfg *.rst
recursive-include endi *.ico *.png *.css *.gif *.jpg *.pt *.txt *.mak *.mako *.js *.html *.xml *.pt *.eot *.svg *.otf *.ttf *.woff *.odt
recursive-include endi *.ico *.png *.css *.gif *.jpg *.pt *.txt *.mak *.mako *.js *.html *.xml *.pt *.eot *.svg *.otf *.ttf *.woff *.odt *.ods
include endi/alembic/versions/*.py
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