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    Replace deprecated etags API with xref · eafa97e6
    Cédric Marie authored
    Fix compilation warnings about find-tag and other functions from etags
    being deprecated.
    Switch to xref API, which requires Emacs 25.1. Update the requirement
    in install-package (currently requires Emacs 24.1), and add it in
    README.rst (currently not mentioned).
    Discard eide-search-find-alternate-tag function (which was mapped on
    Shift-F1) because xref-find-definitions (F2) now displays all possible
    definitions when several are available.
    For Emacs-Lisp major mode, force xref etags mode, otherwise tags are
    found in ~/.emacs.d, while we want to search only in the source tree.
    Update the email address.
    Signed-off-by: Cédric Marie's avatarCédric Marie <cedric@hjuvi.fr.eu.org>
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