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preparing for 0.30 release 4

parent 6027aa1e
...@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ ...@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"gen-json-client-api": "npx typedoc --tsconfig ../../client/tsconfig.json --json client-api.json ../../client/src/hooks/api/api.hook.tsx", "gen-json-client-api": "npx typedoc --tsconfig ../../client/tsconfig.json --json client-api.json ../../client/src/hooks/api/api.hook.tsx",
"gen-json": "run-s gen-json-client-api gen-json-iframe-api", "gen-json": "run-s gen-json-client-api gen-json-iframe-api",
"2___MD_GEN_STAGE__": "", "2___MD_GEN_STAGE__": "",
"gen-doc-1": "npm i -g ts-node", "gen-doc-1": "sudo npm install -g ts-node typescript",
"gen-doc-2": "ts-node doc.ts", "gen-doc-2": "ts-node doc.ts",
"gen-doc": "run-s gen-doc-1 gen-doc-2", "gen-doc": "run-s gen-doc-1 gen-doc-2",
"3___BUILD_ALL__": "", "3___BUILD_ALL__": "",
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