Commit 403bf165 authored by Eric Seigne's avatar Eric Seigne
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version 1.0.17 build

parents afc780d5 4ddd5f13
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ cordova platform remove android
cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-image-cropper
cordova platform add ios@5.1.1
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crop
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine
# pour le futur cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine
cordova prepare ios
cordova build ios
......@@ -37,11 +37,13 @@
<allow-intent href="itms-apps:*" />
<preference name="BackupWebStorage" value="local" />
<preference name="iosPersistentFileLocation" value="Library" />
<!-- pour le futur ... a tester
<preference name="WKWebViewOnly" value="true" />
<feature name="CDVWKWebViewEngine">
<param name="ios-package" value="CDVWKWebViewEngine" />
<preference name="CordovaWebViewEngine" value="CDVWKWebViewEngine" />
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-insomnia" spec="^4.3.0" />
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