Commit 5a6d496f authored by djib's avatar djib

Add full Pvr API implementation

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......@@ -250,5 +250,15 @@ SYSTEMS = {
"Update_the_current_PVR_configuration": _M("PUT pvr/config/", "Update the current PVR configuration", ["PostData"]),
"Getting_the_current_quota_info": _M("GET pvr/quota/", "Getting the current quota info", []),
"Request_next_quota_threshold": _M("PUT pvr/quota/", "Request next quota threshold", ["PostData"]),
"Getting_the_list_of_precords": _M("GET pvr/programmed/", "Getting the list of precords", []),
"Getting_a_specific_precord": _M("GET pvr/programmed/{id}", "Getting a specific precord", []),
"Updating_a_precord": _M("PUT pvr/programmed/{id}", "Updating a precord", ["PostData"]),
"Delete_a_precord": _M("DELETE pvr/programmed/{id}", "Delete a precord", []),
"Create_a_precord": _M("POST pvr/programmed/", "Create a precord", ["PostData"]),
"Getting_the_list_of_frecords": _M("GET pvr/finished/", "Getting the list of frecords", []),
"Getting_a_specific_frecord": _M("GET pvr/finished/{id}", "Getting a specific frecord", []),
"Updating_a_frecord": _M("PUT pvr/finished/{id}", "Updating a frecord", ["PostData"]),
"Delete_a_frecord": _M("DELETE pvr/finished/{id}", "Delete a frecord", []),
"Getting_the_list_of_media": _M("GET pvr/media/", "Getting the list of media", []),
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