Commit d53f38b0 authored by devnull's avatar devnull
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Remove commented/unused line: get_tag for Camera Maker extraction

parent 66881379
......@@ -181,7 +181,6 @@ def exif_extraction(filename, config, logger):
"""Extact EXIF data for each photo, and add Mastodon custom emojis"""
with exiftool.ExifTool() as exift:
exposure_program = exift.get_tag("EXIF:ExposureProgram", filename)
# maker = exift.get_tag("EXIF:Make", filename)
ff_efl = exift.get_tag("Composite:FocalLength35efl", filename)
ff_efl = f"{ff_efl:.1f}"
crop_factor = exift.get_tag("Composite:ScaleFactor35efl", filename)
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