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Update Tessellation with new utest, add DisableMarkup pattern

parent 828bb32c
......@@ -23,14 +23,15 @@ hr
background-color: grey;
height: 1px;}
pre {overflow: hidden; overflow-x: auto;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ {clear: both; width: 100%;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ pre {overflow: hidden; overflow-x: auto;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table {width: 100%; display: block; clear: both;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table tr {width: 100%; display: block;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table tbody {width: 100%; display: block;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table .linenos {width: 4%; display: inline-block;vertical-align: top;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table .code {width: 94%; display: inline-block;vertical-align: top;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table td pre {vertical-align: top; overflow: hidden; overflow-x: auto; margin: 0px;}
.__VENC_PYGMENTIZE_WRAPPER__ table td pre {vertical-align: top; margin: 0px;}
{width: 100%;
......@@ -81,10 +82,9 @@ header li a
{max-width: 800px;
text-align: center;
margin: auto;}
/* E N T R Y */
{font-size: 0.7em;
......@@ -92,6 +92,9 @@ math
transition: 1s ease all;
overflow: hidden;}
.entry h1
{text-align: center;}
.entry img
{max-width: 100%;
display: inline-block;
......@@ -105,6 +108,10 @@ math
text-align: center;
font-size: 1em;}
/* F O O T E R */
{padding: 1em;
font-size: 1.25em;
......@@ -123,6 +130,15 @@ footer a
footer #pagesList li, #previous, #next
{display: inline-block;}
/* L A Y O U T */
{max-width: 800px;
text-align: center;
margin: auto;}
@media (max-width: 480px) {
header li
{display: block;}
<div class="entry .:GetEntryMetadataIfExists::style:." id="entry.:GetEntryID:." data-venc-tags=".:ForEntryTags::{value}::,:.">
<a class="permalink" href=".:GetEntryURL:.">#.:GetEntryID:.</a>
......@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ class MissingKeyDict(dict):
def __missing__(self, key):
return key.join("{}")
def disable_markup(argv):
return ''.join(argv)
def try_oembed(providers, url):
key = [ key for key in providers["oembed"].keys() if url.netloc in key][0]
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
from venc2.patterns.contextual import get_random_number
from venc2.patterns.latex2mathml import Latex2MathML
from venc2.patterns.non_contextual import get_venc_version, include_file, set_color, set_style, table
from venc2.patterns.non_contextual import get_venc_version, include_file, set_color, set_style, table, disable_markup
class PatternsMap():
def __init__(self, datastore, code_highlight, theme):
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ class PatternsMap():
"IncludeFile" : include_file,
"SetColor" : set_color,
"SetStyle" : set_style,
"DisableMarkup": disable_markup,
"Video" : theme.get_video,
"Audio" : theme.get_audio,
"Table" : table
......@@ -114,5 +115,6 @@ class PatternsMap():
authors: 'Denis Salem'
categories: 'Templates > Layout Tricks'
tags: ''
title: Display title in thread test
display_title_in_threads: ''
With Tessellation you can tell VenC if it must display entry title or not.
By default, entry title are disabled.
On the user side, to display the entry title in blog thread, one have to set up the above metadata "__.:DisableMarkup::display_title_in_threads:.__".
By looking the source of the Tessellation theme, in _entry.html_ you'll see that we are calling the following patterns to achieve the trick.
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