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  • Le DDL SQL

    NB : Ne contient pas les lignes commentées ci-dessus.

    CREATE TABLE public.sights_placetreedetail (
        id_placetreedetail int4 NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('sights_placetreedetail_id_placetreedetail_seq'::regclass),
        visit_date date NOT NULL,
        state varchar(10) NOT NULL,
        gite_high int4 NULL,
        gite_tree_diameter numeric(3,1) NULL,
        aqua_dist int4 NULL,
        "comment" text NULL,
        timestamp_create timestamptz NOT NULL,
        timestamp_update timestamptz NOT NULL,
        creator_id int4 NULL,
        interest_id int4 NULL,
        place_id int4 NOT NULL,
        specie_id int4 NULL,
        CONSTRAINT sights_placetreedetail_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id_placetreedetail),
        CONSTRAINT sights_placetreedeta_interest_id_a859b76b_fk_sights_di FOREIGN KEY (interest_id) REFERENCES public.sights_dictinterest(id),
        CONSTRAINT sights_placetreedeta_place_id_1f82bcba_fk_sights_pl FOREIGN KEY (place_id) REFERENCES public.sights_place(id_place),
        CONSTRAINT sights_placetreedeta_specie_id_7eed0be9_fk_sights_di FOREIGN KEY (specie_id) REFERENCES public.sights_dicttreespecies(id),
        CONSTRAINT sights_placetreedetail_creator_id_e997ebe0_fk_auth_user_id FOREIGN KEY (creator_id) REFERENCES public.auth_user(id)
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