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......@@ -31,4 +31,32 @@ Not really. Being written in Elixir, Mobilizon doesn't need much resources once
<dd>Any bandwidth will do, but higher numbers will improve the experience for users and will help federation.</dd>
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## A Mobilizon dependency fails to compile
Some Mobilizon dependencies require system tools or libraries to compile (such as `cmake` or `gcc`). You might be missing a system dependency.
Check the [dependency guide](./ (especially the "Basic tools" section), make sure everything is installed and clean and recompile Mobilizon's dependencies with:
MIX_ENV=prod mix deps.clean --all
MIX_ENV=prod mix clean
MIX_ENV=prod mix compile
## I am unable to send any emails
The default Mobilizon configuration assumes a local SMTP server is available on the same server. To tweak this for your own setup, [see this page](configure/
## What should I backup?
You'll need to backup the PostgreSQL database (we recommend [Barman](, the `config/prod.secret.exs` file (or any file you added and use into `config/`) and the user's picture directory in `uploads/`.
## How can I tweak the instance theme, the logo,…
For now this isn't supported (unless you edit the front-end files directly).
## How can I give an user moderator/administrator permissions?
For now this is [only possible through CLI](CLI tasks/
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