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......@@ -17,3 +17,29 @@ As a event creator or event's group administrator you can see who particpate to
## Reject a participation
![gif reject participation actions](../../images/en/event-participations-list-messages-reject-EN.gif)
To reject participations you have to [go to participations list](#list-participations) and:
1. check participations boxes you want to reject
* click **Reject participant** button
Once done, **Rejected** label will be displayed:
![image rejected particpant](../../images/en/event-participations-list-messages-rejected-EN.png)
## Approve participant
When **I want to approve every participation request** option is checked by event organiser, participants see a modal where they optionally can add a short text and have to click **Confirm my participation** button:
![confirmation participation modal](../../images/en/event-participation-confirmation.png)
Organiser can approve participation by [going to participations list](#list-participations) and:
1. clicking checkbox(es) in front of participation(s)
* clicking **Approve participant**
![image participation approval](../../images/en/event-participation-approval.png)
Once done, **Participant** label will be displayed:
![image label paricipant](../../images/en/event-participation-approved.png)
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