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Il est impératif, pour que votre domaine personnalisé continue à avoir un certificat Let’s Encrypt à jour, d’activer la fonctionnalité native dans les paramètres de votre projet. Cette activation remplacera votre certificat actuel par un nouveau certificat Let’s Encrypt géré par Gitlab.

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......@@ -36,6 +36,12 @@ All the sources repository are listed with their last updated date on [this page
* Script:
* Data:
#### [Tech Platforms for Civic-Participation](
* Script:
* Data:
#### Contributions
The Open Software Base is also opened to programs added by users which are not present in either automated sources. This source, as the other ones, takes the form of a git repository containing YAML files. You are invited to fork this repository and create merge request in order to add informations. Merge request are validated by a script which check that basic informations are present.
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