Commit 66b65d99 authored by Cyril Rouiller's avatar Cyril Rouiller

Merge branch 'feature/LaTeXMK'

parents 2001d33d e23bd2a3
$out_dir = "out";
$pdf_mode = "1";
$pdf_previewer = "mupdf";
$preview_mode = "1";
@generated_exts = ('aux','bbl','idx','ind','lof','lot','out','toc','$fdb_ext','nav','snm','fls');
CC= pdflatex -output-directory=out/ $<
CIBLE=$(patsubst %.tex,out/%.pdf,$(wildcard *.tex))
all: $(CIBLE) clean
mkdir -p out/
${CC} && ${CC}
out/03_double.pdf:03_double.tex out/01_affiche.pdf out/02_GrilleVendeur.pdf
${CC} && ${CC}
find . -type f -iregex '.*\.\(aux\|tns\|bbl\|blg\|bmt\|flg\|idx\|log\|los\|lot\|lof\|out\|toc\|tpm\|pfg\|tpt\|mlf\|mlt\|mtc\|dvi\|ps\|nav\|snm\|vrb\|vrb\|cb\)' -delete
mrpropre: clean
rm -rf out/
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