A PPA dedicated for the game of Go under BSD licence.

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Go4Debian projet

Website : http://go4debian.tuxfamily.org/

Wiki : https://git.framasoft.org/cid/Go4Debian/wikis/home

The main repository is hosted on tuxfamily.


Currently, this repository provides :

  • 8757 commented games in sgf format from gtl.xmp.net
  • 7319 professional games in sgf format
  • 14 games in sgf format from Hikaru No Go
  • The "Kogo's Joseki" dictionary
  • Some free rights pdfs


  • Fuseki database from Arno
  • sfgutils


sudo echo "deb http://download.tuxfamily.org/go4debian all/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update

It's an non signed repository, you should have some warnings during update. Files are installed in /var/games/go/

Install all-in packages

sudo apt-get install go4debian

Install individual packages

sudo apt-get install go-books go-sgf-games go-sgf-gtl.xmp.net go-sgf-hikaru go-sgf-kogojoseki


The commented games are provided by The Go Teaching Ladder.

The joseki dictionary is provided by Masahiko Ohashi.