Model of the convection flow induced by a heated wall at a constant temperature in a closed cavity, and of the associated stratification.

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Wall plume and stratification model


This model is presented in details in Caudwell et al 2016, Convection at an isothermal wall in an enclosure and establishment of stratification, J. Fluid Mech or in my Phd Thesis.

It computes the evolution of the flow and the ambient stratification that appear in a closed cavity when a vertical wall is heated at a given constant temperature. It is based on the Morton et al (1965) entrainment theory and Germeles (1975) numerical scheme as per the turbulent part, and on Worster and Leitch (1985) similarity solutions as per the laminar part.

The input parameters are:

  • the height of the cavity H
  • the global Rayleigh number RaHc
  • the Prandtl number Pr

The model mainly computes :

  • the plume volume flux Q
  • the plume momentum flux M
  • the plume buoyancy flux F
  • the ambient density field deltaE


This code is distributed under CeCILL License (GPL compatible licence).


git clone https://framagit.org/caudwell/wall-plume-stratification-model.git

Run it

cd wall-plume-stratification-model
python wall_plume_model.py

The main file is called wall_plume_model.py. It uses the parameters given in its last part, and calls the two attached routines ODE_MTT_solve.py and worster_leitch_solve.py.

It possible to run the model as "fully turbulent" (is_hybrid = False) or as "hybrid" including the laminar modeling (is_hybrid = True). It is possible to choose a constant (is_alpha_var = False) or a variable (is_alpha_var = True) entrainement coefficient.