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Adding PythonTutor example.

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{"cells":[{"metadata":{"trusted":true},"cell_type":"code","source":"from tutor import tutor\n\ndef syracuse(N):\n u, s = N, [N]\n while u != 1 :\n if u%2 == 0:\n u = u//2\n else:\n u = 3*u + 1\n s.append(u)\n return s\n\nvol = syracuse(15)\n\ntutor()","execution_count":null,"outputs":[]}],"metadata":{"kernelspec":{"name":"python3","display_name":"Python 3","language":"python"},"language_info":{"name":"python","codemirror_mode":"python"}},"nbformat":4,"nbformat_minor":2}
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