Commit 345cef4c authored by Romain Casati's avatar Romain Casati
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Fix: flush should occure after each evaluation.

parent 9f98a987
......@@ -117,6 +117,11 @@ class InteractiveConsole(_pyodide_console.InteractiveConsole):
except Exception:
# in CPython's REPL, flush is performed
# by input(prompt) at each new prompt ;
# since we are not using input, we force
# flushing here
if result is not None:
......@@ -40,6 +40,12 @@ def test_errors(selenium):
assert 'result' not in data['result'] and data['stdout'] == ""
def test_flush(selenium):
# flushing should be performed even if not forced
data = selenium.run_basthon("print('foo', end='bar')")
assert data['stdout'] == 'foobar'
def test_put_file(selenium):
window.toBytesArray = function(string) {
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