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......@@ -235,3 +235,4 @@ Crow Translate,,,,GNU GPLv3,tran
siglo,,,,MPL-2.0,watch companion,"""GTK app to sync InfiniTime watch with PinePhone""",,,,,5,GTK,,,org.gnome.siglo,,WIP,,,,,appstream://org.gnome.siglo.desktop,,
Idok Remote,,,,GNU GPLv3,multimedia,"""A simple Kodi remote that supports multiple Kodi instances.”",,,,,5,QtQuick,,Kodi,,,,,,Idokremote-git,,,,
Wordbook,,,,GNU GPLv3,dictionary,”Wordbook is a dictionary application made for Linux using Python and GTK 3.”,,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,com.github.fushinari.Wordbook,,,,wordbook,,,appstream://com.github.fushinari.Wordbook,,
AudioTube,,,,GNU GPLv2 or later,music player,"""Convergent YouTube Music client""",,"""AudioTube can search YouTube Music, list albums and artists, play automatically generated playlists, albums and allows to put your own playlist together.""",,,0,Kirigami,"ytmusicapi, youtube-dl",YouTube Music,org.kde.audiotube,,,,,,,appstream://org.kde.audiotube.desktop,,
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