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Remarks by John Levine

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......@@ -101,7 +101,10 @@
described in RFC 1034 <xref target="RFC1034"/> and RFC&nbsp;1035
<xref target="RFC1035"/> and with the DNS DNAME Resource Record
type described in RFC 6672 <xref target="RFC6672"/> is required
to understand the DNS concepts described in this document.</t>
to understand the DNS concepts described in this
document. (DNAME have properties that may be surprising at
first; for instance, it aliases only the subdomains, not the
owner name of the DNAME record itself.)</t>
<t>The EPP mapping described in this document specifies a mechanism
for the provisioning and management of domain names in a
......@@ -501,7 +504,8 @@ END
<section title="Acknowledgements" anchor="acks">
<t>Most of the text has been copied from <xref
target="RFC5910"/>, so thanks to its authors.</t>
<t>Thanks to James Gould for a detailed review.</t>
<t>Thanks to James Gould for a detailed review and for
John Levine for good remarks.</t>
......@@ -538,6 +542,9 @@ END
EPP server registers only delegations, either through NS records
or, as here, a DNAME record. This keeps the mapping much
<t>For this reason, the possibility to add other resource
records together with the DNAME (<xref target="RFC6672"/>,
section 2.4) is out-of-scope here.</t>
<?rfc rfcedstyle="yes"?>
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