Commit ba6a8522 authored by Stéphane Bortzmeyer's avatar Stéphane Bortzmeyer

First implementation, Net::DRI

parent 03d31486
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
<!ENTITY rfc7535 PUBLIC ''
<!ENTITY rfc7942 PUBLIC ''
<!ENTITY I-D.bortzmeyer-dname-root SYSTEM
<!ENTITY I-D.hildebrand-deth SYSTEM
......@@ -518,7 +520,8 @@ END
<t>Most of the text has been copied from <xref
target="RFC5910"/>, so thanks to its authors.</t>
<t>Thanks to James Gould for a detailed review and for
John Levine and Patrick Mevzek for good remarks.</t>
John Levine and Patrick Mevzek for good remarks. Thanks to
Patrick Mevzek for the first implementation.</t>
......@@ -544,6 +547,7 @@ END
......@@ -565,6 +569,36 @@ END
section 2.4) is out-of-scope here.</t>
<section title="Implementation status">
<t>This section records the status of known implementations of
the protocol defined by this specification at the time of
posting of this Internet-Draft, and is based on a proposal
described in <xref target="RFC7942"/>. The description of implementations in
this section is intended to assist the IETF in its decision
processes in progressing drafts to RFCs. Please note that the
listing of any individual implementation here does not imply
endorsement by the IETF. Furthermore, no effort has been spent
to verify the information presented here that was supplied by
IETF contributors. This is not intended as, and must not be
construed to be, a catalog of available implementations or their
features. Readers are advised to note that other
implementations may exist.</t>
According to <xref target="RFC7942"/>, "this will allow reviewers and working
groups to assign due consideration to documents that have the
benefit of running code, which may serve as evidence of valuable
experimentation and feedback that have made the implemented
protocols more mature. It is up to the individual working groups
to use this information as they see fit".
<t>This EPP extension is implemented in the <eref
target="">Net::DRI EPP
client</eref>, written in Perl. The specific part of Net::DRI is
<?rfc rfcedstyle="yes"?>
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