Commit f25e9f1d authored by Nicolas Frandeboeuf's avatar Nicolas Frandeboeuf

Simplify m15 migration after weboob-version ghost setting addition: re-run m12

parent 02a097c7
......@@ -466,18 +466,8 @@ let migrations = [
async function m15(userId) {'Removing weboob-version from the database...');
try {
let found = await Settings.byName(userId, 'weboob-version');
if (found) {
await Settings.destroy(userId,;'Found and deleted weboob-version.');
return true;
} catch (e) {
log.error('Error while removing weboob-version: ', e.toString());
return false;
}'Re-applying m12 now that "weboob-version" was moved to ghost settings.');
return await migrations[12](userId);
async function m16(userId) {
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