Commit eaf50d3d authored by Nicolas Frandeboeuf's avatar Nicolas Frandeboeuf Committed by Nicolas Frandeboeuf

[tests] Fix m6 test (check operationTypeID deletion)

parent 5dd85ce3
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......@@ -557,18 +557,20 @@ describe('Test migration 6', () => {
it('should have replaced the operationTypeId property with a "type" property', async function() {
it('should have replaced the operationTypeID property with a "type" property', async function() {
let allTransactions = await Transactions.all(0);
let transaction = allTransactions.find(
t => t.title === transactionWithTransactionType.title
transaction = allTransactions.find(
t => t.title === transactionWithUnknownTransactionTypeId.title
it('should not have modified the transaction type if already existing', async function() {
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