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Update FAQ

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......@@ -15,3 +15,22 @@ references to all the other "duplicate" posts. These latter duplicate posts
are then simply marked as such and never shown anymore.
All origins are kept in a `urls` field in the remaining post.
## Flatisfy seems to be stuck fetching posts
Fetching posts can be a long process, depending on your criterias. Run the
import command with `-v` argument to get a more verbose output and check
things are indeed happening. If fetching the flats is still too long, try to
set `max_entries` in your config to limit the number of posts fetched.
## Docker image does not start the webserver at first start?
When you launch the Docker image, it first updates WebOOB and fetches the
housing posts matching your criterias. The webserver is only started once this
is done. As fetching housing posts can take a bit of time (up to 10 minutes),
the webserver will not be available right away.
Once everything is ready, you should see a log message in the console running
the Docker image, confirming you that webserver is up and running.
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