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Testing hacked modules.

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\ No newline at end of file
from pathlib import Path
import re
def test_all(selenium):
# ensure all hacked modules are tested
tested = set(g[len('test_'):] for g in globals()
if g.startswith('test_') and g != 'test_all')
result = selenium.run_basthon("""
from basthon import _hack_modules
set(g[len('hack_'):] for g in dir(_hack_modules)
if g.startswith('hack_'))""")['result']
hacked = eval(result['result']['text/plain'])
assert tested == hacked
def test_PIL(selenium):
#assert False
def test_matplotlib(selenium):
#assert False
def test_folium(selenium):
#assert False
def test_pandas(selenium):
#assert False
def test_sympy(selenium):
#assert False
def test_turtle(selenium):
import turtle
""", return_data=False)
# can't access content like this
# elem = result['content']
# because of selenium's StaleElementReferenceException
# bypassing it via JS
svg = selenium.run_js("return window._basthon_eval_data.display.content.outerHTML")
svg = re.sub('\"af_[0-9a-f]+_', '\"af_', svg)
with open(Path(__file__).parent / 'data' / 'turtle.svg') as f:
target =
assert svg == target
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