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Testing hacked help function.

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Please wait a moment while I gather a list of all available modules...
Bio binhex json runpy
IPython bisect keyword sched
PIL bleach kiwisolver scipy
__future__ bs4 linecache secrets
_abc builtins locale select
_ast bz2 logging selectors
_bisect cProfile lxml setuptools
_blake2 calendar lzma shelve
_bootlocale cgi mailbox shlex
_bz2 cgitb mailcap shutil
_codecs chunk markupsafe signal
_codecs_cn cloudpickle marshal site
_codecs_hk cmath math sitecustomize
_codecs_iso2022 cmd matplotlib six
_codecs_jp code micropip skimage
_codecs_kr codecs mimetypes sklearn
_codecs_tw codeop mmap smtpd
_collections collections mne smtplib
_collections_abc colorsys modulefinder sndhdr
_compat_pickle compileall more_itertools socket
_compression concurrent mpl_toolkits socketserver
_contextvars configparser mpmath soupsieve
_crypt contextlib msgpack sqlite3
_csv contextvars multiprocessing sre_compile
_datetime copy netrc sre_constants
_decimal copyreg networkx sre_parse
_dummy_thread crypt nltk ssl
_functools cssselect nntplib stat
_heapq csv nose statistics
_imp cycler ntpath statsmodels
_io cytoolz nturl2path string
_json dataclasses numbers stringprep
_locale datetime numcodecs struct
_lsprof dateutil numpy subprocess
_markupbase decimal opcode sunau
_md5 decorator operator symbol
_multibytecodec difflib optparse sympy
_operator dis os symtable
_pickle distlib p5 sys
_posixsubprocess distutils packaging sysconfig
_py_abc doctest pandas tabnanny
_pydecimal docutils parser tarfile
_pyio dummy_threading parso telnetlib
_queue easy_install pathlib tempfile
_random email patsy textwrap
_sha1 encodings pdb this
_sha256 enum pickle threading
_sha3 errno pickletools time
_sha512 faulthandler pipes timeit
_signal filecmp pkg_resources token
_sitebuiltins fileinput pkgutil tokenize
_socket fnmatch platform toolz
_sqlite3 folium plistlib trace
_sre formatter pluggy traceback
_stat fractions poplib tracemalloc
_string freesasa posix traits
_strptime ftplib posixpath tty
_struct functools pprint turtle
_symtable future profile types
_sysconfigdata__emscripten_ gc proj4py typing
_testcapi genericpath pstats uncertainties
_thread getopt pty unicodedata
_threading_local getpass pwd unittest
_tracemalloc gettext py urllib
_warnings glob py_compile uu
_weakref graphviz pyclbr uuid
_weakrefset gzip pydoc warnings
abc hashlib pydoc_data wave
aifc heapq pyexpat weakref
antigravity hmac pygments webbrowser
argparse html pyodide webencodings
array html5lib pyodide_interrupts wsgiref
asciitree http pyparsing xdrlib
ast imageio pysat xlrd
astropy imaplib pystone xml
asynchat imghdr pytest xmlrpc
asyncio imp pytz xxsubtype
asyncore importlib pywt yt
atexit inspect queue zarr
atomicwrites io quopri zipapp
attr ipaddress random zipfile
autograd itertools re zipimport
base64 jedi regex zlib
basthon jinja2 reprlib
bdb joblib requests
binascii js rlcompleter
Enter any module name to get more help. Or, type "modules spam" to search
for modules whose name or summary contain the string "spam".
from pathlib import Path
def test_hack_input(selenium):
#assert False
def test_hack_modules(selenium):
data = selenium.run_basthon("help('modules')")
assert 'result' not in data['result'] and data['stderr'] == ""
with open(Path(__file__).parent / 'modules.txt') as f:
assert data['stdout'] ==
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