Commit 81351d29 authored by Mario's avatar Mario
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update strings

parent 8d28649e
......@@ -65,9 +65,9 @@ class Permissions {
'write_wiki' => t('Can write to my wiki pages'),
'post_wall' => t('Can post on my channel (wall) page'),
'post_comments' => t('Can comment on or like my posts'),
'post_mail' => t('Can send me private mail messages'),
'post_mail' => t('Can send me direct messages'),
'post_like' => t('Can like/dislike profiles and profile things'),
'tag_deliver' => t('Can forward to all my channel connections via ! mentions in posts'),
'tag_deliver' => t('Can forward direct messages to all my channel connections (forum)'),
'chat' => t('Can chat with me'),
'republish' => t('Can source my public posts in derived channels'),
'delegate' => t('Can administer my channel')
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