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Merge pull request #23 from asahiocean/develop

typealias UIApp
parents ce8077ac 26a2d6c3
import UIKit
typealias UIApp = UIApplication
func alertAuthorizedWhenInUse() -> UIAlertController {
let alert = UIAlertController(title: "You have banned location tracking", message: "To resume tracking location, grant the app access to geolocation in your iPhone settings\n(Privacy > Location Services)", preferredStyle: .alert)
alert.addAction(.init(title: "Close", style: .cancel))
alert.addAction(.init(title: "Settings", style: .default, handler: { _ in
let settings = UIApplication.openSettingsURLString
let settings = UIApp.openSettingsURLString
if let id = Bundle.main.bundleIdentifier,
let url = URL(string: "\(settings)&path=LOCATION/\(id)") {
return alert
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