• Add Spanish translation (Joey Albert and BotaFlo).
  • Add Occitan translation (BotaFlo).
  • Add cross-compilation for Windows using MXE (@ah).
  • Add window to display news about the project (@mbruel).
  • Android. Add APKs and necessary dialogs for Android (@mbruel).


  • Settings. The language list shows all available translations (@ah).


  • Field map. Fix refreshing bug (@ah).
  • Field map. Fix bad planting list for the current season (some plantings would appear while not being part of the current season) (@ah).
  • Tasks. Fix the task dialog's height for automatically created tasks (#311, @julienboulay).
  • Field map. Fix planting description's length in timegraph (#299, @julienboulay).
  • Database. Fix error when opening database (#284, @mbruel).
  • Fix application freezing at startup (#326, @mbruel).
  • Android. Fix PDF outputs on Android (@mbruel).
  • Field map. Fix crash when creating a location with empty name (@Mickael_G).
  • Plantings. Fix CSV import date issue (#184, @Xeros).
  • Fix display issue with dark theme (@julienboulay).