• Database − Both database buttons behave the same way and remember last opened database (#219).
  • Date picker - Improve date picker and follow last Material guidelines.
  • Plantings − Always show seed company next to variety name if the feature is activated (#176).
  • Charts − the whole view is now updated when the user search for a planting.
  • Calendar − PDF output now follows the current view : week and done/due/overdue filters (#205).
  • Improve filtering of plantings to show all plantings, or only the field or greenhouse ones.


  • Seeds − Fix tooltip text for export button (#244).
  • Seed list − Fix month and quart list update when switching between databases (#241).
  • Calendar widget − Fix days and week number display.
  • Charts − Update the view when database is changed (#214).
  • Task dialog − Fix display bug for location view: part of it wasn't alway visible (#201).
  • Field map − Fix planting timegraph for pluriannual crops (#169).
  • Field map − Fix refreshing bug when switch to field map view.
  • Crop map − Fix editing bug.