• Field map − Show planting length when it doesn't fill the location (or when it is longer than the location's length).
  • Add tooltips for the buttons of the left bar.
  • Planting form − Add density (m²) field (#126).


  • Field map - Dropping a planting on location while pressing Ctrl will assign the planting to its subsequent siblings if needed.
  • Field map − Improve PDF output : multiline view, better tasks and planting drawings.
  • Field map − Multi-line view (#76).
  • Field map − When editing the field map, Crl+Left click now selects all children of a location (#113).
  • Seeds and transplants lists − Add quarter and month PDF outputs (#131).
  • Seeds and transplants lists − Add quarter and month views (#131).
  • Planting map − Minor improvement of the chart pane.
  • PDF − Minor improvements of PDF output for calendar.
  • Planting map − Improve side sheets look.
  • Improve planting and task views performance.


  • Field map − Show task color.
  • Planting form − Fix the bug which prevented planting conflicts.
  • Seeds and transplants lists − Fix sorting bug for dates and names.
  • Fix planting length when assigning to multiple locations.