• Task calendar − Add sorting function for tasks (#122).
  • Seed company − Add a radio button to choose default seed company (#111).
  • Task dialog − Create several tasks at once (#133).
  • Add a default variety feature ; create an unknown variety when creating a crop. The default varierty is automatically chosen when the user choose a crop in the planting form (#128).
  • Add charts for planting distribution and revenue.
  • Field map − Show tasks.
  • Tasks − Add task templates, which enables the user to define several tasks and apply them to plantings.
  • Crop plan - Show estimated revenue.
  • Add planting succession numbering by crop and planting date.


  • Planting dialog − Check date consitency when editing one planting (#119).j
  • Plantings − It is now possible for a planting not to have a unit (#106).
  • Field map output: more space for long location names (#141).
  • Harvest dialog − Show currently harvested crops. When one planting is selected, show only the plantings of the same specie.
  • Show error messages for mandatory fields.
  • Improve time edit field behavior: switch between hours and minutes with (back)tab (#99).
  • Crop plan − Show planting's color only when it has been seeded or planted.


  • Fixed month selection bug in date picker for comlete dates (#114).
  • Planting map − Duplicate keywords when plantings are duplicated.
  • Harvest dialog − Split harvest time between multiple plantings (#96).
  • Field map − Don't show rotation conflict when two plantings overlaps on the same location (#117).
  • Simple dialogs − fixed bad positioning (#107).
  • Harvest dialog − Refresh quantity in editing twice the same harvest (#101).
  • Harvest dialog − Show the right unit for the selected planting(s), assuming they all have the same unit (#100).
  • Fix time edit field behavior: it is no longer possible to enter minutes > 60 (#102).