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## Planned features
* **Harvests tracking:** keep track of each harvest and get real-time crop yields.
* **Note taking**: wriite notes, take photos and link theme to your plantings, tasks and locations.
* **Note taking**: write notes, take photos and link them to your plantings, tasks and locations.
## How to install?
### Linux (AppImage)
We only provide AppImages. Download latest version at:
Then open a console and type
We only provide AppImages. [Download]( latest version, then open a console in right folder and type:
``chmod u+x Qrop-x86_64.AppImage && ./Qrop-x86_64.AppImage``
to launch the AppImage.
to launch the AppImage. It has been tested with Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora 29, but
may not works for other distributions or version.
### Windows
##!/usr/bin/env bash
mkdir build;
cd build;
qmake -config release ..;
make -j 8;
mkdir -p deploy/usr/bin deploy/usr/lib deploy/usr/share;
mkdir deploy/usr/share/applications;
find . \( -name "moc_*" -or -name "*.o" -or -name "qrc_*" -or -name "Makefile*" -or -name "*.a" \) -exec rm {} \;
cp -R core/* desktop/* deploy/usr/bin
cd deploy;
cp ../../logo.png desktop.png
cp ../../dist/Qrop.desktop usr/share/applications
wget -c ""
chmod a+x linuxdeployqt*.AppImage;
./linuxdeployqt*.AppImage usr/share/applications/Qrop.desktop -verbose=2 -qmldir=$BUILD_DIR/desktop/qml -bundle-non-qt-libs -extra-plugins=sqldrivers,imageformats/
./linuxdeployqt*.AppImage usr/share/applications/Qrop.desktop -verbose=2 -qmldir=$BUILD_DIR/desktop/qml -appimage
find . | grep AppImage;
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