Commit a2599b01 authored by amirouche's avatar amirouche

complete sign up and sign in paths

- app: Add module with a 'app' record, to store application wide
  variables. It has only a pepper (aka. 'secret' in some other
  frameworks) field right.

- web: import 'make-hash', 'string-sign' and 'string-verify' which allow to
  sign strings. It's used to validated cookie values.

- web: add 'log-debug' and 'log-info' procedures

- web: add 'rm', 'set', 'ref', 'set*' and 'ref*' procedures to help with
  association lists that have strings as keys.

- web: replace render-html with sxml->response

- web: index: display a welcome message if an user is logged in

- web: create 'form/input' and 'form/submit' for consistent forms with
  label, value and error handling.

- web: add query-user-by-username, query-user-by-uid and request-user

- web: signin and signup: refactor to make use for 'form/input' and
  'form/submit', shallow and deep input validation (in particular add
  'strong?' password predicate), set 'token' cookie when the user sign in.
parent cbe0db05
(define-module (app))
(use-modules ((srfi srfi-9)))
(define-record-type <app>
(make-app pepper)
(pepper app-pepper))
(export make-app)
(export app-pepper)
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