Authored by Antoine

Operation list optimisation

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  • @ZeHiro

    • is operationsId supposed to be sorted by date?
    • where would the selectIfUnchangedOperationList / selectFilteredOperations / selectOnlyIfUnchangeFilteredOperations be used?
    • i don't understand the update filter function so that block of code. Can you explain it further?
    • join('') might not work when elements of the array are objects. Even with an id array, the following two are considered the same with your algorithm: [1, 2, 34] and [1, 23, 4].
  • @bnjbvr

    • yes
    • selectOnlyIfUnchangeFilteredOperations will by use to select the operations to be displayed
    • the currenct filter in operations/index.js function does not not fit the current approach
    • join : nice catch, i'll fix
    • (bullet 2) in which case? the name really isn't talkative to me. What about the two other functions?
    • (bullet 3) why?
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