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    Basic Webpack configuration · 811731e6
    Phyks authored
    Use Webpack to build the JS files from the client code. With this
    commit, all the client JS code is built using Webpack.
    Resulting file is 1.38MB large in production, and takes about 30 seconds
    to build+minify on my Macbook Pro.
    Left to do:
    * Build the CSS files as well.
    * Test it thoroughly.
    * More optimizations, such as splitting in chunks.
    * Investigate Butternut as a replacement of UglifyJS to further reduce
    build time.
    * No longer import locales.min.js from moment, as it was a workaround
    for browserify.
    * Get rid of maxAge which was interferring with webpack watch mode and
    rebuilds, especially when loading split chunks.
    * Disable Babel transform of ES modules import to do correct tree
    shaking with Webpack.
    * There is an issue with `dygraphs` shipping an ES5 version by default.
    This is solved and we are passing Babel on it.