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Fix dh-make package name.

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......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ Requirements and limitations:
- SSH must not be blocked by a firewall somewhere in the path (SSH port number
can be chosen), so it will not work if the helped is behind a firewall that
[deep packet inspection](
[deep packet inspection](
- This system does not allow helping more than one person at the same time.
- You must be confident with the Linux command line and system administration to
be able to build the system and to understand the security implications
......@@ -412,10 +412,10 @@ for full details. Please also understand that I have no particular experience
with Debian packaging: it works but it should certainely be improved.
Building a Debian package requires that you install `build-essential` and is
made easier by using tools from `dh_make` and `devscripts`:
made easier by using tools from `dh-make` and `devscripts`:
# apt install build-essential dh_make devscripts
# apt install build-essential dh-make devscripts
Go inside `~/my-remote-help-tool/` and generate all files needed for proper
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