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libreoffice + divers

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Too many changes to show.

To preserve performance only 1000 of 1000+ files are displayed.

PrimTux4 Debian9 i686 CTP
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- apps:
- cmd: firefox
generic: Firefox
icon: firefox
name: Internet
- cmd: /usr/bin/pcmanfm /home/03-maxi/Documents
generic: Pcmanfm
icon: pcmanfm
name: Fichiers
- cmd: libreoffice --writer
generic: Ecrire
icon: libreoffice-writer
name: !!python/str 'Écrire'
- cmd: /usr/bin/shutdown
generic: !!python/str 'Arrêter'
icon: system-shutdown
name: !!python/str 'Arrêter'
id: 6
name: Accueil
- apps:
- cmd: dicorime
generic: Dictionnaire
icon: dicorime
name: Dictionnaire
- cmd: goldendict
generic: Multi-Dictionnaire
icon: goldendict
name: Multi-Dictionnaire
- cmd: libreoffice
generic: LibreOffice
icon: libreoffice-startcenter
name: LibreOffice
- cmd: libreoffice --writer
generic: !!python/str 'Écrire'
icon: libreoffice-writer
name: !!python/str 'Écrire'
- cmd: libreoffice --calc
generic: Tableaux
icon: libreoffice-calc
name: Tableaux
- cmd: libreoffice --draw
generic: Composition
icon: libreoffice-draw
name: Composition
- cmd: libreoffice --impress
generic: Diaporamas
icon: libreoffice-impress
name: Diaporamas
- cmd: osmo
generic: Agenda Personnel
icon: osmo
name: Agenda
- cmd: xournal
generic: Prise de notes manuscrites
icon: xournal
name: Journal
- cmd: tbo
generic: TBO
icon: tbo
name: TBO
id: 9
name: !!python/str 'Écriture'
- apps:
- cmd: aller-maxi
generic: AbulEdu Aller
icon: abuledu-aller
name: AbulEdu Aller
id: 0
name: Lecture
- apps:
- cmd: leterrier-calcul-mental
generic: Abuledu Calcul-Mental
icon: abuledu-calculs
name: Calcul-Mental
- cmd: mathoeuf-maxi
generic: AbulEdu Calcul Reflechi
icon: abuledu-calculreflechi
name: Calcul Reflechi
- cmd: calculs-maxi
generic: AbulEdu Calculs
icon: abuledu-calculs
name: Calculs
- cmd: operations-maxi
generic: Abuledu Operations
icon: abuledu-operations
name: Operations
- cmd: leterrier-suitearithmetique
generic: AbulEdu SuiteArithmetique
icon: leterrier-suitearithmetique
name: SuiteArithmetique
- cmd: suites-maxi
generic: AbulEdu Suites
icon: abuledu-suites
name: AbulEdu Suites
- cmd: leterrier-tierce
generic: AbulEdu