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Commit f451f792 authored by Denis Chenu's avatar Denis Chenu

[feature] Use a dedicated page for settings

**warning** Broke pre 2.54.4 LimeSurvey compatibility
parent ee83ff42
......@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
Only partial changelog, [commit history](https://framagit.org/SondagePro-LimeSurvey-plugin/sendMailCron/commits/master) show all changelog.
## Not released
- Move settings to dedicated page (break 2.6 compatibility)
## [1.1.0] - 2017-06-15
### Fix
......@@ -11,10 +11,10 @@ Allow to send token email (invite or reminder) via PHP cli . This allow to use c
- Clone in plugins/sendMailCron directory
### Via ZIP dowload
- Get the file at http://extensions.sondages.pro/IMG/auto/sendMailCron.zip
- Get the file [sendMailCron.zip](http://extensions.sondages.pro/IMG/auto/sendMailCron.zip) (If you use LimeSurvey 2.54.4 or up)
- Extract : `unzip sendMailCron.zip`
- Move the directory to plugins/ directory inside LimeSUrvey
- If you use LimeSurvey 2.54.3 or below : use [sendMailCron_2.6lts_compat.zip](http://extensions.sondages.pro/IMG/auto/sendMailCron_2.6lts_compat.zip)
## Usage
- When activated the plugin settings are updated to use the actual url for email. This can be updated at any time
......@@ -26,8 +26,9 @@ Allow to send token email (invite or reminder) via PHP cli . This allow to use c
- Same and more in each surveys setting
- If plugin validate the email (this allow only one email by token)
- The cron type list to be allowed in survey settings
- To test the plugin you need to call it via PHP Cli `php yourlimesurveydir/application/commands/console.php plugin cron --interval=1` (remind: it send email in this way)
- To test the plugin you need to call it via PHP Cli `php yourlimesurveydir/application/commands/console.php plugin cron --interval=1 sendMailCronSimulate=1`
- This line can be added in your crontab or Task Scheduler
- Per survey settings are found on Tools menu
### Params
* @file Part of sendMailCron plugin
* @author Denis Chenu
* @copyright Denis Chenu <http://www.sondages.pro>
* @license magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d3d9a9a6595521f9666a5e94cc830dab83b65699&dn=expat.txt Expat (MIT)
$("[data-moveto='surveybarid']").appendTo("#surveybarid > .row >.col-md-12");
This diff is collapsed.
<div class="row">
<div class="col-lg-12 content-right">
<h3>Send mail cron settings</h3>
<?php if($warningString) {
echo CHtml::tag("p",array('class'=>'alert alert-warning'),$warningString);
} ?>
<?php echo CHtml::beginForm();?>
<?php foreach($aSettings as $legend=>$settings) {
$this->widget('ext.SettingsWidget.SettingsWidget', array(
//'prefix' => $pluginClass, This break the label (id!=name)
'form' => false,
'settings' => $settings,
} ?>
<div class='row'>
<div class='col-md-offset-6 submit-buttons'>
echo CHtml::htmlButton('<i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true"></i> '.gT('Save'),array('type'=>'submit','name'=>'save'.$pluginClass,'value'=>'save','class'=>'btn btn-primary'));
echo " ";
echo CHtml::htmlButton('<i class="fa fa-check-circle-o " aria-hidden="true"></i> '.gT('Save and close'),array('type'=>'submit','name'=>'save'.$pluginClass,'value'=>'redirect','class'=>'btn btn-default'));
echo " ";
echo CHtml::link(gT('Close'),Yii::app()->createUrl('admin/survey',array('sa'=>'view','surveyid'=>$surveyId)),array('class'=>'btn btn-danger'));
<div class='hidden' style='display:none'>
<div data-moveto='surveybarid' class='pull-right hidden-xs'>
echo CHtml::link('<i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true"></i> '.gT('Save'),"#",array('class'=>'btn btn-primary','data-click-name'=>'save'.$pluginClass,'data-click-value'=>'save'));
echo " ";
echo CHtml::link('<i class="fa fa-check-circle-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> '.gT('Save and close'),"#",array('class'=>'btn btn-default','data-click-name'=>'save'.$pluginClass,'data-click-value'=>'redirect'));
echo " ";
echo CHtml::link(gT('Close'),Yii::app()->createUrl('admin/survey',array('sa'=>'view','surveyid'=>$surveyId)),array('class'=>'btn btn-danger'));
<?php echo CHtml::endForm();?>
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