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## Primaries
A vim theme for programmers, inpired by good code from mango.vim, good colors
from mustang.vim, in good readability inspired by monochrome.vim.
I thought monochrome.vim was a good idea, but a bit extremist, so I added a few
drops of color.
## Installation
$ git clone
cp colors/primaries.vim ~/.vim/colors/
Then, place in your `.vimrc` :
color primaries.vim
" Maintainer: Simon Descarpentries <simon/\>
" Licence: GPLv3
" Commant: Good code from mango.vim, good colors inspired by mustang.vim, in good
" readability inspired by monochrome.vim
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "primaries"
let Orange = "guifg=#ff9800 guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=203 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
let Lemon = "guifg=#ffd787 guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=220 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
let Peach = 'guifg=#eeeeee guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=224 ctermbg=none cterm=none'
let Olive = "guifg=#b1d631 guibg=NONE gui=italic ctermfg=71 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
let Prunus = "guifg=#af87ff guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=63 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
let Snow = "guifg=#ffffff guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=255 ctermbg=none cterm=BOLD"
let White = "guifg=#ffffff guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=255 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
let Concrete = "guifg=#888888 guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=246 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
let Anthracite= "guifg=#666666 guibg=NONE gui=none ctermfg=242 ctermbg=none cterm=none"
exe "hi Boolean " .Lemon
exe "hi Constant " .Peach
exe "hi Character " .Olive
exe "hi Comment " .Anthracite
exe "hi Conditional " .Snow
exe "hi Debug " .Anthracite
exe "hi Define " .Prunus
exe "hi Delimiter " .Snow
exe "hi Exception " .Snow
exe "hi Float " .Orange
exe "hi Function " .Snow
exe "hi Identifier " .Snow
exe "hi Ignore " .Anthracite
exe "hi Include " .Snow
exe "hi Keyword " .Concrete
exe "hi Label " .Concrete
exe "hi LineNr " .Anthracite
exe "hi Macro " .Prunus
exe "hi Normal " .White
exe "hi Noise " .Lemon
exe "hi Number " .Orange
exe "hi Operator " .Snow
exe "hi PreCondit " .Prunus
exe "hi PreProc " .Snow
" ^ function names…
exe "hi Repeat " .Snow
exe "hi Special " .Snow
exe "hi SpecialChar " .Lemon
exe "hi SpecialComment " .Lemon
exe "hi Statement " .Snow
exe "hi StorageClass " .Snow
exe "hi String " .Olive
exe "hi Structure " .Snow
exe "hi Tag " .Peach
exe "hi Type " .Peach
exe "hi TypeDef " .Snow
" cursorline
hi cursorline cterm=none ctermbg=236 ctermfg=none guibg=grey20 guifg=NONE
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