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In fact it only works perfectly for 67 languages

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:toc-title: Index
`month_nb.js` is a small utility which knows the corresponding number of a month
name, in 69[languages].
name, in 67[languages].
== Usage
......@@ -66,8 +66,8 @@ working languages (only).
== Supported languages
`month_nb.js` works for 69 languages (including most living written languages),
but there two ambiguities :
`month_nb.js` works for 67 languages (including most living written languages),
and it would be 69 if it was not for those two ambiguities :
- Croatian : _listopad_ fails to return 10 as it is 11 in Czech and Polish
- Slovenian : _prosinec_ fails to return 1, as it is 12 in Croatian and Czech
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