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    - parse regular RSS results · 45aea42a
    Siltaar authored
    - use XPath for namespace resolutions of dc:creator
    - encode filters in RSS and ATOM via categories
    - add dc:creator to exported RSS (and parse from import)
    - convert some more old sources
    - add RSS versions of Monde Diplo international editions
    - prevent feed HTML entities to XML parser (of RSS)
    - use async/await syntax instead of .then()
    - load month_nb.json via async/await
    - load new sources.json via async/await
    - use eslint instead of jshint to support async/await syntax
    - use tabs, double quotes and no semi-colons everywhere (lighter files)
    - ease debugging enclosing each result-field retrieval in separate
    - simple new source parsing extending the RSS dummy source definition