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This is an essay I wrote in French for a [MOOC on Science Fiction](
This is a short essay I wrote in French for a [MOOC on Science Fiction](
I had great pleasure to write it so, I wanted to publish it here.
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to store and retrieve knowledge. Its also the best tool so far I used to handle bibliography,
its [integration with Zotero]( is marvelous.
It also has [Academic tools]( but I didn't use it in that project. Maybe I should have.
Zettlr also provide [tools dedicated for academic workflow](
but I didn't had to use them in that project. Maybe I should have.
# Seul sur Mars
What is document about ? The subject of the essay is to analyse an SF oeuvre and
its relation to Science. What are the *novums* introduce by the author ? What is
corresponding to our current scientific knowledge. At least, it is how I understood it.
This essay will be evaluated by 5 peers and there is some constraints :
- less then 5000 characters,
- 2 parts, one on science representations in the oeuvre and one in their role in the story,
- clear expression,
- use of knowledge on science and science fiction.
5000 characters is really short and I could have done more of course.
At this point, it is 4600 characters (3500 without the bibliography).
I'm quite happy with the bibliography and it usage.
#TheMartian #moocsf #sf #merveilleux #merveilleuxscientifique
I'm less happy with the conclusion. I delivered as it is presented here but I
could have redacted it a bit more. I'm not sure that the 2 parts are clearly
identified and that they are balanced but that, it is not me to judge.
# Seul sur Mars
Seul sur Mars (Weir 2014b) est un roman écrit entre 2009 et 2012 par Andy Weir. C’est un roman qualifié par The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (Al von Ruff and the ISFDB team n.d.) comme Science Fiction, Futur proche et Hard SF.
......@@ -64,4 +81,4 @@ Weir, Andy. 2014a. “How Science Made Me a Writer.” Salon. February 12, 2014.
———. 2014b. _The Martian_. Reprint edition. New York: Broadway Books.
———. 2015\. “About Andy Weir.” _Andy Weir_ (blog). October 2, 2015. [](
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———. 2015\. “About Andy Weir.” _Andy Weir_ (blog). October 2, 2015. [](
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