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New translations strings.xml (Esperanto)

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......@@ -1017,6 +1017,21 @@
<string name="crash_message">You can send me by email the crash report. It will help to fix it :)\n\nYou can add additional content. Thank you!</string>
<string name="set_wysiwyg">Use the wysiwyg</string>
<string name="set_wysiwyg_indication">When enabled, you will be able to format your text easily with tools.</string>
<string name="action_stats">Statistics</string>
<string name="total_statuses">Total statuses</string>
<string name="number_boosts">Number of boosts</string>
<string name="number_replies">Number of replies</string>
<string name="number_statuses">Number of statuses</string>
<string name="statuses">Statuses</string>
<string name="visibility">Visibility</string>
<string name="number_with_media">Number with media</string>
<string name="number_with_sensitive_media">Number with sensitive media</string>
<string name="number_with_cw">Number with CW</string>
<string name="first_toot_date">First status date</string>
<string name="last_toot_date">Last status date</string>
<string name="frequency">Frequency</string>
<string name="toot_per_day">%s statuses per day</string>
<string name="date_range">Date range</string>
<plurals name="number_of_vote">
<item quantity="one">%d vote</item>
<item quantity="other">%d votes</item>
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