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accAgon for suse open build service maintenance for several rpm-based distros
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MelTrax for windows installer, news reporter, in-battle table sorting and fixed various windows-only bugs
dizekat for help on wxwidgets logging functions and unicode
tombom for adding channel automatic joining, option to disable join/part messages and rank selection for hosting
heze for apache and zonefile consultation
AF for consultation on generating TASClient compatible scripts
7 for the flag icons
8 for sidebar icons
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Rene Milk committed
kNeu and Nuovo projects for some icons
10 11
curved for current rank icons
everybody who has put in an effort translating
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Rene Milk committed
danuker for the sword icon
13 14
morphriz for his patch to allow to play sounds using SDL_sound
all the translators for their hard work
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Rene Milk committed
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Lamego (from wxForum) for the textcontrol with built-in history
MidKnight for the popup notification background
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Rene Milk committed
daftalx for getting SpringLobby working on macs