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......@@ -9,5 +9,12 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## Next version (to be released)
### Added
- Base structure of page
- Internationalization pipeline
- Documentation for contributing/develop
## 0.1.0 - 2017-12-20
### Added
- GeoJSON dataset support
- Summary component of review status
- Review component for editing review
# Contributing
There are several ways to contribute to the project, here are a few ones.
## Translate the application
Don't worry, this one is easy ! We use Transifex, which is a simple platform for translating applications. We have all the [labels there](, in English, so you can write translations into your language. Let us know when you're done, that way we will update the application to make your language available.
If you run into any issue for doing this (like your language isn't available in the list), please [contact us]( or [open an issue](
## Solve issues/develop features
If you are a developer, you can see the [list of open issues]( and start working on one of them. To start development, please read [development documentation](
# Develop
This application is based on web technologies, and mainly written in ECMAScript 6 (modern JavaScript). This documentation is for people who want to build by themselves or develop the project. If you just want to install it somewhere, you can download one of the [recent builds](, and put it on your FTP server.
## Dependencies
You need to install the given tools before starting:
* Node Package Manager (NPM) - [Documentation](
* Transifex CLI - [Documentation](
## Build your own
To build and deploy your own instance, run the following commands:
npm install # Retrieve dependencies
npm run build # Test and compile
Then, if everything went well, you have now a `build/` folder and `` which are ready to deploy on any web server.
## Develop locally
You can also run a develop web server for testing purposes. To do so, run these commands:
npm run start
If no errors appears, a web server at `http://localhost:3000` is ready to browse.
## Pull requests
As this project is open source, pull requests are welcome. If you want to improve project, or add a new tool, please create a new branch based on __develop__ (not master).
## Additional information
### Locales
Various text labels are present on view components. To make the application understandable in several languages, we use locales files, which allow to translate those labels. Locales are managed using Transifex. You can see [the project here](
To manage locales locally, you can use these commands:
npm run i18n:download # Retrieve locales from Transifex, having > 75% of translated labels
npm run i18n:build # Regenerate en locale file when labels have been added in code
npm run i18n:upload # Upload en locale file to Transifex (to do when file has been regenerated)
npm run i18n:status # Show current status of locales files
To add a new locale (which has never been integrated before), please do the following:
* Retrieve locale file with `npm run i18n:download`
* Edit `src/app/app.js`, add the locale code (like _fr_ or _fr-FR_) in the `LOCALES` array (near the top of the file)
* Check that the locale is working as expected by running `npm run start` and changing your browser locale
......@@ -4,13 +4,11 @@ __Pic4Review__ is a tool for helping you review a geo-dataset for a given task (
You can try it out at []( (or [develop instance](
[![pipeline status](](
[![Help making this possible](](
## Purpose
The goal of this tool is to make use of pictures taken by community on various platforms (Mapillary, OpenStreetCam, Wikimedia Commons or Flickr) in order to improve geographic data. As pictures provide a high-level of detail, they are really useful to add qualitative data over existing features. This tool makes these improvements easier for everyone by automating pictures retrieval and association with features to review.
## Contributing
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