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Updated themes healthcare and recycling #11 #10

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......@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
### Changed
- Updated theme for AED (using new tags after release of GeoDAE database)
- Updated theme for recycling (now wider waste management with `amenity=waste_disposal` features)
- Updated theme for healthcare (includes nursing homes when under `amenity=social_facility` tag)
## 0.2.3 - 2020-07-09
--METADATA={ "name:fr": "Santé (hôpital, clinique, pharmacie)", "name:en": "Healthcare equipment", "theme:fr": "Santé", "keywords:fr": [ "hôpital", "clinique", "médecin", "pharmacie" ], "description:fr": "Établissements liés à la santé issus d'OpenStreetMap (amenity=hospital|clinic|dentist|doctors|nursing_home|pharmacy)" }
--METADATA={ "name:fr": "Santé (hôpital, clinique, pharmacie, EHPAD)", "name:en": "Healthcare equipment", "theme:fr": "Santé", "keywords:fr": [ "hôpital", "clinique", "médecin", "pharmacie" ], "description:fr": "Établissements liés à la santé issus d'OpenStreetMap (amenity=hospital|clinic|dentist|doctors|nursing_home|pharmacy ou amenity=social_facility + social_facility=nursing_home)" }
<OSMID> as osm_id, t.amenity AS type, t.tags->'name' AS name,
<OSMID> as osm_id,
COALESCE(t.tags->'social_facility', t.amenity) AS type,
t.tags->'name' AS name,
t.tags->'operator' AS operator, t.tags->'emergency' AS emergency, t.wheelchair,
t.tags->'opening_hours' AS opening_hours, t.tags->'ref:FR:FINESS' AS ref_finess,
t.tags->'type:FR:FINESS' AS type_finess, t.tags->'ref:FR:NAF' AS ref_naf, t.tags->'capacity' AS capacity,
t.tags->'social_facility:for' AS for_public, t.tags->'ref:FR:SIRET' AS ref_siret,
COALESCE(t.tags->'phone', t.tags->'contact:phone') AS phone,
<ADM8REF> AS com_insee, <ADM8NAME> AS com_nom, <GEOM>
WHERE t.amenity IN ('hospital', 'clinic', 'dentist', 'doctors', 'nursing_home', 'pharmacy') AND <GEOMCOND>
(t.amenity IN ('hospital', 'clinic', 'dentist', 'doctors', 'nursing_home', 'pharmacy')
OR (t.amenity = 'social_facility' AND t.tags->'social_facility' = 'nursing_home'))
--METADATA={ "name:fr": "Recyclage (déchèteries et point d'apports)", "name:en": "Recycling", "theme:fr": "Environnement", "keywords:fr": [ "recyclage", "point d'apport volontaire", "pav", "borne recyclage", "déchèterie" ], "description:fr": "Équipements pour le recyclage issus d'OpenStreetMap (amenity=recycling)" }
--METADATA={ "name:fr": "Déchets et recyclage (déchèteries, point d'apports ou de regroupement)", "name:en": "Waste disposal & recycling", "theme:fr": "Environnement", "keywords:fr": [ "recyclage", "point d'apport volontaire", "pav", "borne recyclage", "déchèterie", "point de regroupement" ], "description:fr": "Équipements pour le recyclage et la gestion des déchets issus d'OpenStreetMap (amenity=recycling|waste_disposal)" }
<OSMID> as osm_id,
t.tags->'recycling_type' AS type,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling_type', t.amenity) AS type,
t.tags->'name' AS name,
t.tags->'ref' AS "ref",
t.tags->'operator' AS operator,
t.tags->'opening_hours' AS opening_hours,
t.tags->'recycling:glass' AS glass,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:glass', CASE WHEN t.tags->'waste' LIKE '%glass%' THEN 'yes' ELSE NULL END) AS glass,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:glass_bottles', t.tags->'recycling:glass_jars') AS glass_bottles,
t.tags->'recycling:paper' AS paper,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:clothes', t.tags->'recycling:textiles') AS clothes,
t.tags->'recycling:cans' AS cans,
t.tags->'recycling:plastic_bottles' AS plastic_bottles,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:plastic', t.tags->'recycling:PET') AS plastic,
t.tags->'recycling:waste' AS waste,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:plastic', t.tags->'recycling:PET', CASE WHEN t.tags->'waste' LIKE '%plastic%' THEN 'yes' ELSE NULL END) AS plastic,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:waste', CASE WHEN t.tags->'waste' LIKE '%trash%' OR t.tags->'waste' LIKE '%mixed%' THEN 'yes' ELSE NULL END) AS waste,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:cardboard', t.tags->'recycling:cartons') AS cardboard,
t.tags->'recycling:plastic_packaging' AS plastic_packaging,
t.tags->'recycling:batteries' AS batteries,
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ SELECT
t.tags->'recycling:paper_packaging' AS paper_packaging,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:green_waste', t.tags->'recycling:garden_waste') AS green_waste,
t.tags->'recycling:shoes' AS shoes,
t.tags->'recycling:organic' AS organic,
COALESCE(t.tags->'recycling:organic', CASE WHEN t.tags->'waste' LIKE '%organic%' THEN 'yes' ELSE NULL END) AS organic,
t.tags->'recycling:books' AS books,
t.tags->'recycling:electrical_appliances' AS electrical_appliances,
t.tags->'recycling:beverages_cartons' AS beverages_cartons,
......@@ -35,4 +35,4 @@ SELECT
t.tags->'recycling:toys' AS toys,
<ADM8REF> AS com_insee, <ADM8NAME> AS com_nom, <GEOM>
WHERE t.amenity = 'recycling' AND <GEOMCOND>
WHERE t.amenity IN ('recycling', 'waste_disposal') AND <GEOMCOND>
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