Commit 8f60486c authored by PabloLeCrapaud's avatar PabloLeCrapaud
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parent 092ad970
......@@ -89,8 +89,8 @@ class MyTTModel(TTModel):
if not self.core_only:
def compute_non_prefered_slot_cost(self):
avail_instr, unp_slot_cost = TTModel.compute_non_prefered_slot_cost(self)
def compute_non_preferred_slots_cost(self):
avail_instr, unp_slot_cost = TTModel.compute_non_preferred_slots_cost(self)
for patron in set(t for t in self.wdb.instructors if t.username in patrons):
for sl in unp_slot_cost[patron]:
unp_slot_cost[patron][sl] += 1
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