Commit 4d15ccbd authored by Fabien Amarger's avatar Fabien Amarger
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[APA] Do not display the "p." for page_s field for the blog article

The blog article are OTHER type with otherType_s == 1.
parent 484e3161
......@@ -42,7 +42,11 @@
<span *ngIf="type=='ART' || ((type=='DEFAULT' || type=='DOUV') && publi.journalTitle_s)">
<span *ngIf="publi.journalTitle_s"><i class="italic">{{publi.journalTitle_s}}</i>, </span>
<span *ngIf="publi.volume_s"><i class="italic">{{publi.volume_s}}</i></span><span *ngIf="publi.issue_s">({{publi.issue_s}}) </span><span *ngIf="publi.page_s">, p. {{publi.page_s}}</span>.
<span *ngIf="publi.volume_s">
<i class="italic">{{publi.volume_s}}</i>
<span *ngIf="publi.issue_s">({{publi.issue_s}}) </span>
<span *ngIf="publi.page_s">, <span *ngIf="!publi.otherType_s || publi.otherType_s != 1">p. </span>{{publi.page_s}}</span>.
<span *ngIf="type=='THESE'|| type=='HDR'">
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